Drone flight test for distance from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

                 The Flying Cameras

Aerial Flights Over Montreal from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

Welcome to The Flying Cameras which specializes in high definition 4K video productions. The use of drones for live action films will provide “fantastic” sequences to your productions. You can now transform your projects into exciting state of the art creations. Not only are drones cost efficient but you can achieve images that were unobtainable in the past. Helicopters are limited to height restrictions, but drones can fly a few inches above the ground at high speed in either forward or reverse  directions. They can also fly up to three thousand feet in a matter of a seconds. Drones are so small they can fly around buildings, through buildings, and even in indoor auditoriums, factories, and shopping malls (all with permission of course!).
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The Flying Cameras

Wind Turbines from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

Tracking Eric from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

This is a video test of tracking a car from various heights and distances. We held the shots a little longer just to show stability and how we can follow for long distances. We can track  the car for up to 20 minutes in one take by controlling the drone from a vehicle that can be up to 1.5 kilometres away. For the HD version click on Tracking Eric.
This video was one of the first videos we shot. Although most of the shots were  stabilized by a one axis gimble, it is still important as it shows how versatile the use of a drone can be to achieve very breathtaking and dramatic effects. We are now using drones with 3 axis stabilizations.

Sideways Tracking Test Over Water. from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

Another tracking sequence, this time from over the water.
Things to consider are: A drone cameraman can replace an expensive helicopter, and he can do many of the same shots normally done with a crane, dolly, or steadicam. Drones also flies over water! There is additional safety being on the ground while having a monitor to “see” as you fly. Gimbal stabilized footage achievies fluid motion tracking. Drones respond with millisecond accuracy. They are great for POV shots of “in cockpit” crashes, car disasters, wrecks, or any shot where flight simulation is needed. The setup of only 5 minutes and being portable, the gear fits in a 21” carrying case weighing only a few pounds. There is also negligible transportation cost locally and abroad. Contact: martykat@bell.net

Distance Test from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

Radio interference testing for distance. This is the raw video with no post processing. No sound has been added. Password is flying514 For HD click on Distance Test.

Mercier Bridge from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

The Mercier Bridge and adjacent railway bridge with unique vantage points. For HD Click on Mercier Bridge. Password is flying514
For Hd Click on Wind Turbines
For HD Click Aerial Flights Over Montreal
For HD click on Sideways Tracking Test Over Water.

Kirwin Park 3D from 150 feet from Marty Kattleman on Vimeo.

3d rendering from a drone at 150 feet. Side of buildings will be flawless at lower altitudes.
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